Introducing the Frontpage Collection

Introducing the Frontpage Collection

Nearly every ThinOptics employee wears glasses. We believe this gives us better understanding of the frustration of breaking, scratching, and screaming at the family as the all-points-bulletin is levied in search of a lost pair. We also love our customers. Speaking with them. Listening to them. Understanding their needs. We have a lot in common with our shared vision. 


So when a customer mentioned that he yearned for us to create a pair of glasses that would enable him to read the Sunday New York Times from frontpage to backpage, we immediately empathized. And we immediately went to work. 


The Frontpage Collection is born out of a desire to consume hours of content in a single stretch. Yet with the comfort and within-reach portability that has come to define ThinOptics. 


This second-generation product expression is the result of 18-months of materials and computational engineering. At each step in the design process, we reduced nonessential mass and volume, while delivering a full-frame wear style with traditional temples. The patented achievement is the lightest possible reading glasses still able to deliver an optometrical range of 1.5 – 2.5x magnification diopters. The Milano case is equally impressive. Even with the addition of stainless temple arms, we reduced overall thickness whilst in its companion case. At 4mm, this case will astound you when in the palm of your hand. We forged 6061 aircraft aluminum, which provides a strength-to-weight ratio unavailable in every competitive product we tried, regardless of cost. 


Always with you is a mantra that motivates us to provide reading glasses slim enough to fit in a pocket without bulging, or on the back of an iPhone, delivering clear vision without needing to remember your glasses. Always with you is also a promise to stand by your side with customer service, delivery times, and easy shopping, regardless of where you are in this wonderful world. We will continue to stand by our Lifetime Guarantee across our growing portfolio of eyeglasses. 


We are proud to bring The Frontpage Collection to you. Look for us wearing them reading the Sunday Times at a coffeehouse near you. As our inspirational customer said… frontpage to backpage. 


Always with you. 


David Westendorf