Clean Your Headline Reading Glasses Effectively

Clean Your Headline Reading Glasses Effectively

We've all done it. Our glasses get dirty, and out of frustration we reach for the first thing we can find to wipe them off. But shortly after, the lenses are either smudged or filled with scratches. Clean reading glasses not only last longer but allows you to see clearly at all times. However, there is a right way to do it, and in these easy steps, you can maintain clear vision with our Headline reading glasses.

What Type of Cleaning Cloth Should be Used to Clean Your Headline Reading Glasses?

It may be natural to want to wipe your classes with cleaning cloths. Did you know a cotton cloth or paper towel may have dense fibers that can act as an abrasive against the lens during cleaning? This can lead to irreparable damage to the surface of your glasses.

We recommend not using any cleaning cloths when cleaning your Headline reading glasses from ThinOptics. Simply apply any non-abrasive soap, rinse with water and let your glasses air dry. This method prevents smudges, scratches and ensures you get the best use out of your lenses.

What Cleaning Solution Should be Used to Clean Your Headline Reading Glasses?

Similar to the cleaning cloth, the cleaning solution is an equally important factor. Most well-known solutions to clean reading glasses consist of a mix of distilled water and rubbing alcohol, though there are alcohol-free cleaners available. Be sure to avoid remedies involving the use of tap or purified water, as those contain particles or minerals that can act as abrasives on the lens.

What is the Best Method to Clean Your Headline Reading Glasses?

It can be a very quick process to safely clean your Headline reading glasses. The first step is to inspect the lenses for any large particles. These particles can normally be removed by blowing gently on the lens or using some compressed air. Once all of the particles have been removed, apply a non-abrasive soap to the lens and use a clean set to fingers to clean the complete surface of the lens and rinse. We have a short video showing this method here:

You can also prevent the need of frequent cleanings by storing your reading glasses in a case when not in use. ThinOptics provides multiple collections of reading glasses designed to safely store in a phone case or keychain, allowing you easy access to them when needed. Check out our innovative designs today!