Product Spotlight: Blue Light Blockers

We’ve all been there before—days when we just couldn’t peel our eyes away from the screen. Whether it’s due to the all nighter you pulled to finish work or while closely following the developments of gripping news, a lot of us, in fact, are already there on the daily. Staring at our screen for hours on end—working, writing, scrolling our feeds, or watching TV, our electronic devices are here to stay, and increasingly as a part of our everyday lives.

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Product Spotlight: Case Solutions

Do you ever have that moment, right before you leave the house, when you stop and think to yourself “Should I bring my reading glasses?” 

Your mind runs through all the possible situations in which you might need them—say, to read a label at the grocery store or what if you get an important text? You decide to bring them anyway, even though they’re quite fragile and your old glasses just recently broke. You put them in their case and struggle to fit it in your pocket, only managing to awkwardly fit it in halfway before realizing that maybe you just shouldn't bring them after all.

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Product Spotlight: Full Frame Reading Glasses

Conventional reading glasses are notoriously inconvenient to carry around—delicate and easily broken, with cases way too large to fit in a pocket. We solved this problem with the simple philosophy that your reading glasses should be Always With You, and thus our ultra-thin and practically indestructible Readers were created.

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What is Digital Eye Strain?

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