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Visionary Father’s Day for the Gadget Lover
Whether your father is older than 40 or younger; the end of the fourth decade marks an inevitable milestone in humanity. Chances are, you... More ›
Wow. Did you know an eyewear case could be this sexy?
It’s an exciting day here at ThinOptics. We’re pleased to announce that the new ThinOptics FlashCard -- our most striking reading glasses... More ›
Mother’s Love Style and Convenience
Give your mother the peace of mind of ingenious reading glasses that are always within reach. Growing up, my mother Carolyn wore hard... More ›
Don’t Lose Money: Use Your Flexible Spending Account To Pay For Reading Glasses & More
We’re nearing the end of the year and I’m sure a lot of us are in the same boat, assessing what we need to do to maximize our finances... More ›
Companies Doing Corporate Philanthropy Right, Make it Their Mission to Leave a Lasting Impact on the World
See how ThinOPTICS is focusing on and supporting the things that matter to you This is the season when you hear the most about... More ›
Top 8 Office Travel Gear to Stay Productive while Abroad
In 2016, 69 percent of global travelers of all age groups said they were planning to try something new this year or in the year ahead to... More ›
Seven in Ten Consumers Expected to Shop over Black Friday 2017 thru Cyber Monday
ThinOPTICS is starting the shopping season with special discounts starting November 22 Some industry experts are predicting a 47 percent... More ›
ThinOPTICS Proud To Partner With Freedom Week
ThinOPTICS Reading Glasses for Veterans, Military & First Responders For us, it’s the opportunity to do and say what we feel. It’s... More ›
We’re So Thankful You Do What You Do!
a message to the military, veterans, and their families I’m sure if we had a conversation, you’d say there are a lot of things you’re... More ›
Avoiding Eyestrain Despite Long Hours On Computers
No matter what your job is, It’s almost impossible to get through a day without looking at a computer screen for several hours during the... More ›
How To Clean Your Reading Glasses: No, Don’t Use Your Shirt!
Millions of Americans are wearing corrective glasses whether they’re computer glasses, reading glasses, or fashion glasses–adorned to make... More ›
ArtLifting Artists Design Curated Collection Of ThinOPTICS Reading Glass Cases
"A work of art is the trace of a magnificent struggle," said Grace Hartigan an American abstract expressionist painter. Here at ThinOPTICS... More ›
If You’re Over 40, You May Need Reading Glasses: A Solution For Presbyopia
It used to be that only two things were certain in life: death and taxes. Add to that list a new dilemma that’s affecting a whopping 65... More ›
Lean Eating Doesn’t Have To Be Boring Or Unhealthy: Try This Delicious Dairy-Free Dessert, From A ThinOPTICS User
Spring is in the air and as the temperatures rise, many people are getting ready for picnics and beach outings. But not everyone is ready to... More ›
Where are your reading glasses now?
Do you know where your reading glasses are right now? Lots of us have that problem too. Bicyclists, for example, frequently wear only... More ›
5 Ways To Know If You Need Reading Glasses
I remember the day it happened, I looked down at my phone and thought, "Wow! It’s blurry. What’s wrong with my iPhone?" If you’re over 40,... More ›

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