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Bipolar Inspiration
Randy Nicholson
ArtLifting empowers artists who are homeless or have disabilities. 20% of the net profit of your purchase will go to ArtLifting to directly benefit artists.

Uplift. Inspire. Empower.

Boston, MA

Randy is an abstract-expressionist artist who started creating art due to a need to express himself. Randy lives with bipolar disorder.

"Your interest in my work makes me feel validated. Validated. Not 'validated as an artist' or anything like that —just validated. This is a new feeling for me and, truthfully, makes me somewhat uneasy. However, it does feel empowering and satisfying. I am grateful for you."

ArtLifting is a marketplace for artists who are homeless or disabled.
ArtLifting is about creating opportunity, empowerment and validation, offering artists the chance to secure their own income through the sale of original paintings, prints and products.
By showcasing and selling artwork via ArtLifting, artists gain self-confidence that permeates all aspects of their lives.
Prior to starting ArtLifting, co-founder and Chief Happiness Spreader Liz Powers spent ten years working with homeless individuals and ran art programs in women's homeless shelters in Boston. She quickly recognized two things: an abundance of talent and strength in the artists with whom she worked and a missing avenue for these artists to share their work with a large audience. Teaming up with her brother Spencer Powers, the siblings decided that there was a way to both promote the great art she was discovering and make it profitable for the artist. For more information about ArtLifting, please visit
San Jose, CA
Following complications from a surgery in 2008, Tim was left with partial paralysis on his left side. By sharing their talent, artists like Tim find fulfillment from their audience.
“It's cathartic, challenging and engaging. Over the years, creating and painting have served to illustrate things about myself or my life in a way that nothing else does.”


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